Panoramic view of the office

On Offer

2 empty seats
  • Seat and a desk (of course!)
  • Spacious seating
  • 2 Internet connections — 75 Mbps and 40 Mbps (load balanced)
  • Equipped Kitchen
    • Microwave
    • Electric Kettle
    • Bread Toaster
    • Refrigerator
    • French Press
    • Hario V60 Pour Over
  • Stocked Pantry (cookies, munchies, cheese, spreads, bread, cold cuts, hot and cold beverages, etc.)
  • Laser Print + Scan + Copy machine
  • Essential office stationary
  • Locker, on request
  • Inverter backup
  • Air conditioning
  • Standing desk
  • Bean bags
  • Balcony

In addition to these, we have flexible timings, a great neighbourhood and our own Slack team for office banter and hanging out with fellow co-workers even when away.

Take a look at the House Rules for a comprehensive low down on our office culture.


  • ₹7,000 a month
  • ₹4,500 two weeks
  • ₹3,000 a week

All amounts are inclusive of 18% GST.
No extra or hidden charges.

Short Term Guests and Trials

If you are visiting Delhi and need a place to work from, or if you wish to try out the place before joining full time, or if you are already a co-worker and wish to have someone over at the office, we are happy to host you free of charge for up to two days.

We do not offer per-day pricing as of now.



143-A, Second Floor
Shahpur Jat
New Delhi 110049


+91-11-41437011Weekdays 12 to 7pm


Enter Shahpur Jat from the Asian Games Village (Khel Gaon) turn on August Kranti Marg. The road forks into two parts, the right one enters Shahpur Jat. Take that and keep going until the road turns right (landmark: there’s a fish vendor at the corner). A few metres after the road turns there will be a string of shops on your right: a chemist, a doctor’s clinic, a bakery shop named Crazy Oven and a designer boutique called Farha Khan.

143-A is the four-storey blue and white building right behind those shops.

Do call or write to us before visiting.


Photographers, designers, writers, lawyers, entrepreneurs — we’ve hosted them all.